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Our synagogue has a variety of Tribute and Donation Funds providing ways to support the congregation at all different levels. For example, members can dedicate a leaf on the Tree of Life or a Yahrzeit Memorial Plaque. There are opportunities throughout the year to sponsor a Kiddush or a favorite B'nai Shalom program, such as Sisterhood luncheons, special guest lecturers or the Purim Spiel. You may also choose to make a contribution to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund or any other of our worthwhile causes.

Links to Other Giving / Donation Opportunities

Tree of Life      Memorial Plaques      Fund Donations


Here at B'nai Shalom we have formed a planned giving and endowment section to ensure that the community you know and love will benefit from your generosity. Please consider creating your own Jewish legacy to ensure that our B'nai Shalom community continues to thrive now and in the future by:
- Putting B'nai Shalom in your will or trust as a beneficiary (specific or residual).
- Making B'nai Shalom a beneficiary of your IRA or other tax-deferred account.
- Naming B'nai Shalom as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

Below is a Letter of Intent form for you to fill out to let B'nai Shalom know that you want to leave a Legacy. As an alternative, you may download a copy of the form.

If you have any confidential questions, please feel to call Jeff Lipkin at 973-716-9031 or the synagogue office at 973-731-0160.

To download a copy of the Letter of Intent, please Click Here

My legacy for B’nai Shalom

Letter of Intent

I want to carry on the tradition of Tzedakah for future generations by providing for the future needs of B'nai Shalom through my estate plans.

Therefore, I have made a decision to,

support B'nai Shalom by making a bequest provision in my will or trust document.
name B'nai Shalom a beneficiary of life insurance policy.
create a charitable trust naming B'nai Shalom as a beneficiary.
use retirement assets designated to B'nai Shalom.

This Letter of Intent represents my commitment to the continunity of B'nai Shalom.

  -    -  

You may mention or print my name where it may serve as an encouragement to others to make the same commitment I would like to learn more about making a bequest provision and other gift-planning opportunities

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