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Our Religious School offers many wonderful opportunities for our children to grow. We offer programs for children from pre-school through seventh grade in a conservative synagogue setting.

Pre-School Workshops

We offer Pre-School Workshops for 3 and 4 year olds (with or without parents). The programs are free for members and non-members!

Primary School

Our Primary School meets once a week on Sunday mornings. It includes children in kindergarten, first and second grades. The Primary Program* is composed of two parts: Judaica and Hebrew.

Judaica—The emphasis of the Primary curriculum is on the Jewish Holiday Cycle. This includes the individual holidays, their rituals and laws, the richness of our traditions and important lessons about values. Thematic units are also part of the curriculum including: the Torah and family relations, study of the synagogue and study of Israel.

Hebrew—During the three years of Primary, the students are exposed to the Hebrew letters and sounds, building on each year of learning.  By the end of the Primary Program many of our children are reading simple Hebrew words.

*Synagogue membership is not required to attend Primary Program.

Religious School

Our Religious School is a three day a week program for five years for grades 3 through 7. The program is composed of two parts on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Judaica and Hebrew. On the third day the children attend a special Shabbat morning service.

Judaica—Our program focuses on the following subject areas: Hagim (holidays), Tanach (Bible study), Jewish History (from Biblical Times to present), Israel (to foster a love of Israel), and Mitzvot (God’s Commandments ).

Hebrew—Our newly developed multi-level programming has the children working together to learn and to help each other learn, always guided by our professional staff. After learning to decode letters and words, they move to learning to read and write Hebrew, to simple and complex vocabulary and conversations in Hebrew. The students then move on to Siddur based skills, finally mastering the entire Shabbat service. Our students daven daily.

In addition to our Religious School programming we have:

Special Programming

Our Religious School also offers the following special programs:

The goal of our school is to foster an atmosphere that will allow each child to have a strong sense of Jewish identity, to love learning, and to be a “mensch”.  In order to reach such a goal, Jewish knowledge is essential. Our curriculum is continually re-examined to assure our goals and the goals of our students are being met.

For additional information, please e-mail our Education Director, Rena Casser, at principal@bnaishalom.net or call her at 973-731-7160 x208